KOZAK-5 is a versatile armored vehicle designed for a wide variety of tactical tasks, both combat and auxiliary. its distinctive feature is high dynamic qualities resulting from a very high power-to-weight ratio (almost 30 hp/t)

Kozak 5

GVW, kg 10 500
Width, mm 2 340
Length, mm 6 100
Height (roof level), mm 2 390
Engine diesel
Power, hp 330
Torque, N*m 1109
Transmission automatic
Suspension rigid axles
Ford, m 150
Ground clearance, mm 300 мм
Road speed, km/h 150
Operation range, km 600
Angle of approach 60%
Side slope 30%
Ballistic protection STANAG 4569 level 2
Blast protection STANAG 4569 level 1a/1b
Seating capacity, up to 10


PRACTIKA armored vehicles have a sufficient number of openings (doors and hatches) for prompt landing on the battlefield and for retaliatory fire. They are all equipped with reinforced hinges, opening limiters, pneumatic struts and springs for facilitating of opening.

Crew compartment of KOZAK-5 was designed bearing in mind that crew can spend a long time inside vehicle during performing of combat mission. That’s why crew compartment is spacious, with comfortable internal height, noise and thermal protection. The seats for crew and driver has special anthropometric shape due to it, soldiers remain less tired after long trips. Also, crew compartment has internal lighting system with several levels of light and individual «goose-neck» lamps of directional light.

Ballistic protection of PRACTIKA armored vehicles is done by ballistic steel and bulletproof glass. Ballistic steel is a specially alloyed steel that combines ultra-high hardness and high plasticity.

Bulletproof glass are in-house manufactured, constitutes a special sandwich of separate layers of glass connected by polymer film layers, that retains the projectiles by such multilayer structure. STANAG 4569 level 2 (protection against armor-piercing bullets of 7.62 mm) basic level of ballistic protection.


All PRACTIKA vehicles are designed as basic platforms to accommodate a variety of modifications.