KOZAK-5-PML is a special armored vehicle for mine clearing teams, intended for transportation of UXOs (landmines, shells etc.) to the disposal site. Its distinctive features are special compartments and exceptional construction design, calculated for the sudden detonation of the explosives being transported.

Kozak 5PML is special modification of Kozak-5 lightweight armored vehicle, intended for mineclearance teams of State Emergency Service of Ukraine.
Kozak 5PML’s main purpose is to transport unexploded mines and IEDs from places of mine clearing to the places of utilization.
Key feature – outstanding dynamic characteristics (maximum road speed of vehicle is 150 km/h) and special enforced structure of crew compartment, that allows to minimize damages in the event of sudden explosion of mines/IEDs during its transportation.
Also vehicle has complex of anti-blast features that provides STANAG 4569 level 2 of blast protection, that is uncommon for vehicles of this class.
Kozak 5PML based on 4×4 truck Ford F550, specially modified by official Ford converter (front axle strengthening, suspension and brakes enforcing, bigger wheels installing)