Evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield and health care on the road


– Internal capsule cabins with booking increased welds and other weaknesses

– Reinforced door hinges, rollers and unloading Door opening restrictors.

– Bullet-proof glass (own production by “Practika”) with polycarbonate against fragmentation lining

– Heat and sound insulation

– Interior decoration of medical grade with plastic that is easy to clean and disinfect

– Multi-layer mineresistant floor

– Special anthropometric seat for the wounded and nurses

– Stretcher racks (designed for 4 stretchers)

– Heater

– Equipment for filtering

– Medical gas supply system

– Wardrobe and shelves for consumables and medical devices

Defence from:

AK-74 (5.45 mm bullet, cartridge 7N6)

AKM (7.62 mm bullet, cartridge 57-H-231)

SVD (7.62 bullet cartridge 57-H-323C)

The mines, improvised explosive devices