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KOZAK 2M [2016]



New Kozak 2M.

New modification of Kozak 2.
Unlike it predecessor, Kozak 2M isn’t built on the truck chassis, but instead it use monocoque V-shaped hull and independent suspension. Thus, in combination with powerful engine, 4×4 configurations, CITS and modern armor gives combine durability and high operational payload to reach dynamic mobility and high power to weight ratio. All other construction features, including ballistic and blast protection, are equal to Kozak-2.
It’s intended for the same tasks as Kozak-2 version such as personnel carrier, ambulance, convoy escort or direct combat application (reconnaissance, fire support).
MRAP tactical vehicle (Kozak 2M.1) and reconnaissance/artillery fire control vehicle (Kozak 2M.2).




Technical data
GVW 12000 kg.
Length 6230 mm.
Width 2500 mm.
Height (by roof) 2300 mm.
Engine Iveco, diesel
Power 280 hp
Torque 950 N*m
Transmission ZF, manual
Seating capacity 3 – 10
Ballistic protection STANAG level 2


  • Radiostation
  • Navigation device
  • Day/night camera for night driving
  • Day/night camera for rear observation
  • Climatic system
  • NBC filtration device
  • Automatic firefighting system
  • Blackout headlights
  • Run-flats
  • CTIS

Weapon station (option)