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Fire endurance of the valve is 120 min

The valve is intended for using in smoke removal system of ventilations of the buildings and buildings of the different purpose and is used in correspondence to SNIP 2.04.05 – 91. The valve can be fixed in horizontal and vertical opening barriering constructions of smoke valves, as well as on offtake branches, and is executed with one or two flanges. The valve is fixed inwardly in premiseses with warm-up ambience from -30С to +40С in the absence of direct influence of the atmospheric precipitation and condensations on damper.It is not a subject to installation in premiseses of category А and B on explosion and fire risk and ambience, in which contains the aggressive pair(vapour) and gases in concentration, destroying metals, paintwork covering and electric insulating. The electric diagram of the valve by means of stood on body of the button provides the autonomous opening of the damper for the reason of checking of capacity of working of the valve.

 The scheme of the valve construction KPD – 2


  1. Body
  2. Damper
  3. Electromagnetic drive spring
  4. Axis of the tumbling of the damper
  5. Check button of capacity to work of the valve

 Overall and connecting sizes, mm


Assembling scheme of the valve 


The scheme of electric connection of the valve 


  • ЭМ – an electromagnetic drive;
  • ВК – a final switcher;
  • КН – a button of the remote opening of the damper;
  • ТБ – toggle switch of contact breaking switching off of electric choker;
  • КЗ – bonding point;
  • П – a contact of the block of the automatic fire-extinguishing;
  • КК – connector block.