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Armored ambulance [2016]

Forefront ambulance

Forefront ambulance is based on HMMWV but it can be built on any other cross country land platform. Forefront Ambulance got an armored still V-shape monocoque that provides protection against small arms and shrapnel. Ballistic protection is Level-1 according to STANAG 4569, AEP-55, and protection for hand grenades and blast mine threats is Level 1 according to STANAG 4569, AEP-55.
Vehicle equipped with special medical equipment according to customer requirements .
Beside, MEDEVAC operations vehicle is easily transforming into first-aid post or bandaging room.

General Equipment:

  • Radiostation
  • Navigation device
  • Driver Day/night vision device
    Day/night vsion device for rear observation
  • Climatic system for driver compartment
  • Climatic system for medical compartment
  • Automatic Fire-suppression system
  • Blackout headlights
  • Winch

Medical equipment:

– Special anthropometric seats for the wounded and nurses
– Stretcher racks (designed for 4 stretchers)
– Heater
– Equipment for filtering
– Medical gases supply system
– Wardrobe and shelves for consumables and medical devices
– Winch



Technical data
GVW 4000 kg.
Length 4500 mm.
Width 1980 mm.
Height (by roof) 1900 mm.
Engine Cummins, diesel
Power 165 hp
Torque 353 N*m
Transmission manual
Seating capacity 2 – 5
Ballistic protection STANAG level 1+