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OTAMAN 6х6 [2016]


Armored fighting vehicle with 6×6 wheel formula. Unlike traditional Soviet BTR, is designed according to modern-day trend in compartments disposition: engine compartment in front, troops/fighting compartment – at rear.

Manufactured as basic platform for differentiated modifications – armored personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle (with 25/30 mm. weapon station), ambulance, command-and-control vehicle, repair vehicle, fire support vehicle (with mortar or howitzer).

OTAMAN_6x6_4 OTAMAN_6x6_3 OTAMAN_6x6_2

Technical data
GVW 16000 kg.
Length 6500 mm.
Width 2660 mm.
Height (by roof) 2450 mm.
Engine Deutz, diesel
Power 320 hp
Torque 1200 N*m
Transmission Alisson, automatic
Seating capacity 3 – 10
Ballistic protection STANAG level 2-4


  • Radiostation
  • Navigation device
  • Thermal camera for night driving
  • 360° day/night camera system
  • Climatic system
  • NBC filtration device
  • Intercom
  • Automatic firefighting system
  • Blackout headlights
  • CTIS

Amphibious drive (not all modifications)