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Prototype KOZAK [2009]

Multifunctional armoured vehicle “Kozak” is a modern Ukrainian model with military and technical characteristics of up-to-date level. The military wheeled car has armaments, high mobility, comfort, anti-mine and bullet protection.

The system of protection is based on protection capsule (citadel) which is installed on main base. The shell principle of the capsule construction enables to vary protection level by replacing the protective panels of different thickness and shape.



  • class of protection – B-6, B-7(AK-74, 7N6, 5,45; AKM, 57-N-231, 7,62; AK-74, 7N10, 5,45/hardened core/; SVD, LPS, 7,62);
  • V-shape bottom ensures protection against explosion of 3 kg TNT equivalent;
  • absence of a rigid attachment of seats with a floor reduces the risk of injuries from explosion;
  • petrol tanks and accumulating units which are installed under the floor holds the splinters additionally;
  • cross-section tubes assure necessary vital space when the vehicle is turning over;
  • radiation reconnaissance device.


  • seat belts have four anchorage points;
  • a rear-view camera and parktronik;
  • an intercom «the driver – street»;
  • the air conditioner with function “climate control”;
  • strengthened sound and noise insulation.