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The leadership of the RPA «Practika» establishes business ties with China

On April 25, Yuliya Vysotskaya, a member of the Ukrainian delegation,  Director of the RPA «Practika», External Affairs Director of the «League of Defense Companies of Ukraine» took part in the Second International Forum «One Belt, One Way» in Beijing (PRC).

As you know, «One Belt, One Way» is a global initiative of the Chinese Government on trade, economic, cultural and scientific and technological cooperation. As part of the initiative, the largest transport and logistics project of the 21st century is being built, which will unite China and the countries of Western Europe. In the development of countries along the New Silk Road, China plans to invest $ 800 billion by 2020.

The speaker of the Ukrainian delegation, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Economic Development and Trade Stepan Kubiv, speaking at the forum, said that Ukraine is ready to offer profitable transport routes for its territory to connect China with the countries of Europe, as well as to establish cooperation between enterprises Ukraine and China, with the further sale of products in the EU markets, to develop cooperation on modernizing the Ukrainian industry and to create joint production capacities.

It was in the context of establishing ties with defense industry enterprises in China, Ms. Vysotskaya, during a meeting held a series of promising business meetings with representatives of the Chinese side.

In particular, a meeting was held with the President and members of the Executive Council of the People’s Friendship Association of the People’s Republic of China (CPAFFC)

The Association is a national people’s organization engaged in the People’s Diplomacy of the People’s Republic of China and aims to strengthen friendly relations between humanity, the development of international cooperation, the preservation of peace throughout the world and the promotion of common development.

CPAFFC has created 46 Sino-regional or Sino-national friendship organizations and has established friendly cooperation with nearly 500 non-governmental organizations and institutions in 157 countries.

During the meeting, President of the Association Li Xiaoling and members of the Executive Council of the organization expressed their readiness for further international cooperation with The «League of Defense Companies of Ukraine». It was noted that the League’s and CPAFFC’s cooperation will facilitate the establishment of contacts between Chinese enterprises and companies participating in the League, which will create platforms for their cooperation and achieve results that are mutually beneficial and promote joint development.