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Transportation of personnel of up to 23 fully equipped solders.

– internal capsular armoring of the cabin
– reinforcement of welding points and other weak places
– reinforced door hinges
– arresters on doors
– doorsteps
– bullet-proof glass with polycarbonate layer (in-house production).
– armor elements interior finish with wear-proof carpeting
– engine compartment armoring
– batteries armoring
– armored fuel tanks and receivers
– thermal and sound protection of the body
– internal body finish with zinc sheets
– multilayer mine-protection floor
– special anthropometric seats in 2 rows, installed in “back-to-back” layout
– independent heater
– ventilation system and gunpowder gases extraction system
– gun pods
– bulletproof glass and quick-detachable frames for quick glass replacement
– blackout shutters on windows
– roof hatches for evacuation and ventilation
– removable ladder
– brackets for weapons
– brackets for boxes with cartridges and other consumables