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1 Tomograph
2 A stretcher with basement
3 Control panel tomograph
4 Video camera
5 Video camera monitor
6 Panel of the general management
7 Regular protective curtain
8 A mirror on a back door for supervision over scanning process
9 A lead protective partition with X-ray protective glass
10 Lockers
11 Folding little table
12 Folding seat
13 Doors in an operator compartment
14 Back raspashny doors
15 Footboard
16 Stairs
17 A door for tomograph dismantle with a hydraulic lifting platform


Body works

  • Body (box-type) with sound, termal and vibration isolation
  • Anti-static, anti-sliding, steady against influence of disinfectants floor covering
  • Wall fiberglass panels
  • Ceiling fiberglass panel
  • Additional door for tomograph dismantle
  • Glazing with toning of a lateral and back doors
  • Lead protective partition with X-ray protection glass
  • Mirror on a back door for supervision over scanning process

Heating and ventilation

  • Conditioner
  • Ceiling exhaust blower
  • Independent heater

Special signals

  • Special identification pasting of the car
  • Signaling Speaking Device with a blue light signal and system of external translation of speech
  • Blue flashing beacons on a back part

Electric equipment

  • Independent generator
  • Tension converter 12/220V
  • Tension converter 220/12V
  • Power supply of an external network with cable
  • Diode lamps for illumination
  • Electric sockets 12V
  • Electric sockets 220V
  • Preparation for radiostation
  • Box with thermoelements