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Armed glass for vehicles, railway and other special transport

  • external front glassing of the locomotive
  • external shockproof glassing of the coach car
  • armed glassing of the locomotive, navigable, passenger, lorry transport for values transportation
  • armed glassing of military machine also aerotechnics.

Special translucent load-bearing units

  • glass floor and steps (carry up to 500kg/m)
  • transparent barriers of the stairs flight
  • roofs light
  • underwater windows of the pulls
  • the walls of the big aquariums.

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Special protective purpose glassing

  • noise reducing double glassing provides noise insulation of the premises, for example in the buildings, that are situated near highways, railway stations, airports…
  • screened double glassing that is used for protection of the information leakage
  • double glassing with electro heating. This effect is reached with the help of special polymeric layer and drawing on the glass different coverings.