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The main task of the fire-proof glazing is to create temporary barrier for the spread of fire in the places where it can not be achieved by the erection of walls ( preservation of the specific sanitary and hygienic norms).As a result the widest sphere of fireproof constructions with glazing application is municipal construction, building for public and manufacturing purposes. These constructions are used ,where the orevention of fire spred from one floor to another, from one lodgment to another is necessary.


Windows, doors, pertitions and stained-glass windows at the landings and lift grounds (on the each floor), that cut off public and technical areas from the escape routes in public buildings.

  • Skylights on the roofs
  • Glazed atriums inside the buildings
  • Windows in the crossing between the buildings
  • Windows and partitions of operator and office lodgment inside the big storage facilities and factory sections.

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Fire-proof constructions is a construction of protective fireproof glass pack installed into the fire-resistant metal frame ( EI refractoriness limit with preservation of integrity and heat-insulating capacity).
Fireproof glass pack is a pack of glasses, that are divided by the layers of polymeric materials.
These constructions are used in manufacturing of fireproof windows and partitions in accordance with The Building Standards for Fire Safety.