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General Purpose:
Protection of objects of strategic importancy – nuclear power plants, railway tracks, bridges, airfields and etc.


  • walls of alloy steel
  • thermal and sound insulation
  • rubber waterproofing and floor heat insulation
  • protective complex glass of “Practice”SPA” (scientific production association) own production with polycarbonate fragmentation-proof layer on the inside
  • special window frames allowing for quick glass replacement
  • blackout shutters on windows
  • furniture (table, chairs, closet)
  • combined extract and input ventilation with gases extraction system and heating system
  • self-contained electric system with generator
  • indoor lighting with several lighting modes
  • external directional operation searchlights
  • radio communication system
  • 360° turning module on the roof
  • hatch in the side wall for emergency evacuation
  • protection against lightnings
  • crowfoot on the roof
  • concrete base plates for levelling