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Refractoriness limit E 90



Fire-proof curtains (screens) are produced on the basis of technical terms adjusted with The Chief Administration of Fire Protection. Certificated by The State Center of Certification of Security Means within The Central Department of the State Security Service of The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.



Automatic fire-proof curtains (screens) are intended for division of technological, transport, communication apertures in the vertical protective building constructions of the buildings and lodgments into fireproof compartments.


  • buildings with the mass stay of people
  • trade and exhibition pavilions
  • cultural and sport buildings
  • others objects of building and reconstruction



Fire-proof curtain is produced from the fireproof silica material of 2 mm in thickness and reinforced metallic thread. It provides the necessary gas-impenetrability and calculated refractoriness limit of 90 minutes. To provide the EI refractoriness level the irrigation system is used with the curtains. It creates water screen with water rate no less than 0.67 l/m2. In the initial state curtain is winded round the roller that is situated in the metallic box .To provide the containment of the curtain contiguity to the construction of the aperture the side leading elements are provided in the curtain construction. The construction of the leading elements provides a safe keeping of the curtain in the lowered position. The maximum vertical size of the curtain – 8000mm and 20000mm width. Specific weight of the material – 1.2 kg/m2.



The control of the curtain can be provided by the manual mode from the compartment of the fire-control post, automatic mode – by the signal of fire-alarm and fire-fighting system and distance- by the control buttons.

Application of the fire-proof curtains when the fire begins allows to provide protection of the people escape, to divide large space on the fireproof zone.