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Special doors and gates for nuclear stations


RPA «Practika» is a long-term experience in the development and production of technical safety and fire protection equipment at all levels of complexity. Among the most important facilities for which our company manufactured a line of special doors and gates, it occupies the industrial complex for handling solid radioactive waste (PKOTRO) at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Technical information on products «special doors and gates for the industrial complex for handling solid radioactive waste»

In accordance with the safety requirements, the design of the doors is a metal cloth of appropriate thickness. It is fixed to the frame with the help of external hinges. The door shape is smooth, without cavities and cavities, ensures the absence of traces and stains of oils on the surface, hidden deposits of lubricants. Locks installed on the door ensure even closing of the door across the entire area at the same time.

Atomic_doorsRadiation and chemical resistance, tightness is achieved with the help of special devices (thresholds), materials chemically resistant to the action of weak solutions of acids and alkalis. The fire resistance of doors is achieved by filling the door leaf with thermal insulation materials. For the opening and closing of sliding gates, a drive is provided. An anti-corrosion protection is provided for all parts and components of the products.

The quality control of the products manufactured, in-house tests is carried out in accordance with the procedures in accordance with ISO 9001 (Certificate of 10.01.2003 No. QSP-0030/03). Acceptance tests are performed in the presence of the Customer. When carrying out internal tests, the following are monitored: compliance with the requirements of the DSTU, TS, TU and drawings, operability, absence of vibration, distortions, jamming, overheating, leaktightness, quality of protective coatings application, manufacturing and assembly quality.