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Vestibule-sluice is a security post with entrance lobby. Entrance and exit are realized through two doors with electro-magnetic lock system, whose operation is carried out from the security post.


Vestibule-sluice is produced from the aluminum reinforced shape with armoured glazing. Shut sets allow to organize the pass by means of identity cards and inspection of the suspicious objects and documents.

Door types

  • with the straight folds
  • mechanical plowing doors
  • mechanical doors with telescopic arrangement blocking
  • nonautomatic doors with electromagnetic blocking system
  • single-winged and double-winged doors
  • with different glazing variants

Assembling variants

  • vestibule-sluices are mounted by the modular system, that allows to create any configuration and design
  • vestibule-sluices consist of a window block with an armoured tray and two doors equipped with electromagnetic locking system; the doors are to be mounted into reinforced wall embrasures
  • vestibule-sluices consist of security-staff cabin and inside partitions with doors
  • vestibule-sluices consist of guard post and checkpoint with automatic sliding doors