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Modular vault is constructed by the minimal set of typical elements (panels and door blocks) produced by PRRACTIKA under plant conditions.

Modular design allows to build the vaults of any required configuration and space, including the mounting of the vault in the existing buildings.

The vault if needed can be dismantled and installed in the new place.

Advantages in comparison with monolithic vaults:

  • possibility to produce the vaults of any configuration and space
  • possibility to build the vaults in any conditions, including already existing buildings
  • small panel thickness
  • greatly smaller weight and occupied area
  • efficient installation (10-14 days)
  • possibility of construction dismantling and transferring it to the new area
  • possibility of perspective widening or reduction of existing vault
  • possibility of the existing vaults strengthening by the additional panels

The vaults assemblage is implemented by the small mechanization means that allow to provide the installation far from the factory, in other regions at a low price.

The whole set of work includes:

  • project works
  • production, delivery and assembling of the vaults
  • complement with bank doors
  • complement with ventilation canals and leading-in canals of signalization cables
  • locks setting
  • consumer staff training

Additional equipment:

  • depositary boxes
  • boxes for cash keeping
  • dressing work
  • installation of power supply and light system