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Face of any bank is a cash-desk hall and operation hall. They form the first impression of the bank Nowadays banks want to be recognizable, that is why they develop their own corporative style and try to save it forming their branch network.

Our designers will create interior of the operation and cash-desk halls for Your bank. They also will create working places for your employees in any style taking into account all nuances of the premise planning.

Work with every client is individual. Complete set of the work consists of project development, production and installation of the construction.

Cash desk hall

Cash desk hall consists of the cash desk cabin with front side on a client zone and cabin for converting of big amount of cash by the client.

Cash cabin consists of:

  • A set of partitions (in case of armouring, they are reinforced with armoured plates)
  • Glazing (antivandal or bullet-proof from the front side and 5 mm glass partitions between the cash cabins)
  • Client desk with transmission chute (made out of the non-corrosive steel or artificial stone)
  • Cashier working place: desk, pedestal with central lock ,shelf for keyboard and module for system block.

Armoured cash-unit

Nowadays banks try to protect their employees and that is why PRACTIKA offers armoured cash-units with bullet-proof glazing (resistance level from 1 till 4).

By projection of these cash-desks all NBU requirements are met. Such armoured units have simple design that can be easily dismantled if it is necessary. Cashier working place is completed with furniture that is needed for the comfortable cashier work and qualitive service.

Operation hall

Operation hall consists of operation post with bank employees working places and client zone. Front side of the operation hall is made as cash-unit and completed with all necessary furniture.

To underline the individuality of every costumer, the front side of cash-cabin or operation post is decorated with different high-quality dressing materials:

  • particle board laminated
  • artificial stone
  • natural stone