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The vault doors are destined for depositaries, valuable vaults, archives and other special security regime premises with the limited access.


The vault door is a block completed for installation into the monolithic or module vault.The vault door block consists of:

  • frame (door box) that is to be fixed into the wall embrasure
  • external armored door
  • internal grill door that opens inside in

High protective characteristics are provided by the internal composite door infilling, spatial girth armoring and ultra strong concrete.

The external armored door is fixed to the common frame by the external reinforced hinges produced by PRACTIKA.



Blocking of the door is realized with the help of the girth rail mechanism, that consists of the 10 moveable girth rails (6- horizontal and two girth rails upwards and two girth rails downwards) with diameter-40mm. Girth rails drive is realized by lever system of the central blocking mechanism with the help of rotary wheel.

Girth rail from the side of the vertical hinges is performed as a ledge along the height of the door leaf. Device that moves the girth rails is blocked by two not connected between each other locks of high secrecy “MAUER”. Every lock is completed with two keys.


Heck has level lock of high secrecy (AZBE(Spain) BKS(Germany)) that is blocked on the internal and external sides.

Additional services

The replacement of the old doors of already existing vaults by new certified ones according to DSTU EN 1143-1:2014 without destruction of existing embrasures.