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Deposit bank safes are destined for keeping values and documents in individual deposit cells and correspond to DSTU EN 1143-1:2014


  • the body of the safe is a steel two-ply construction that is filled with armoured concrete
  • the important zones of doors and safe body are reinforced additionally possibility to fix the safe to the floor with the help of anchors according to the NBU and DSTU EN 1143-1:2014 requirements
  • special reinforcing door hinges allow the door opening up to 180 degrees
  • equipment for sealing
  • opening for the alarm cables leading-in
  • polymeric wear proof covering “Dupont” (France)
  • single-winged and double-winged safes production (internal volume of double-winged safes is from 500 up to 1100 litres) completed with deposit modules with various cells quantity



Safe particular feature is that protective qualities aren’t reduced even after cutting of the door hinges. Locks are protected from the drilling and are blocked by the splitting-out attempt.


  • particularized certified locks “Mauer”, “STUV” with distributing mechanism (6 girth rails(25mm.) – on three sides, complete ledge on hinge side
  • special protection from lock splitting-out
  • girth rail mechanism is worked out by PRACTIKA and is used many years.

Additional equipment

Deposit cells can be completed with special shuts.
Selection of the colour according to the standard palette or RAL catalogue.
Locks setting with hold-up opening function.