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«Defense and Security-2018»: «Practika» presented new models of armored vehicles (photo)


Research and Production Association «Practika» presented three new models of military equipment at the XV International Specialized Exhibition” Weapons and Security 2018. This was announced on October 10 in an interview with the information agency «Defense and Industrial Courier», the Director of Scientific&Production Association «PRACTIKA» Yuliia Vysotskaya.

“Among the copies is the car” Kozak-2M “, which is special in its class, because it is made on an independent suspension. This machine was developed by us for use by forces of special operations, military paramilitary units. “Kozak-2M” was developed jointly with the combat officers of Special Operations Forces “, – she informed.

Also, Y. Vysotskaya added that the company «Practika» introduced a deep modernization of BTR-60. On the BTR-60 was replaced body, engine and a number of basic components. The machine is designed to perform a variety of tasks from medical operations to team tasks and combat support.

“Based on the fact that” Kozak-2M “has undergone all tests, we hope that this particular machine will be purchased next year due to the high demand and interest from future users”, – said Director of Development and International Relations of Research and Production Association «Practika».

“BTR-60 and BTR” Ataman “were created on the basis of joint decisions with the Ministry of Defense, and we hope that after passing the relevant tests they will also be procured. Scientific&Production Association «Practika» can produce from 100 cars per year”, – summed up the interlocutor.

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