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Renewal of medical transport in Ukraine “One of the priorities of the health care reform is the development of emergency medical services, which can be called part of the national security state”, – said the Health Minister Ilya Emetc during the presentation. According to the Minister, an important point in the provision of emergency medical care is its timeliness, so the equipment in the vehicle must be suitable to the highest level. Presented machine is designed to help doctors save lives: it is equipped with the medical equipment necessary to sustain even the heaviest patients the way to hospital. This is especially true for Ukraine today, because we have 76% of victims die before hospitalization. The fact is that most of the crucial moments of lost it way to the hospital, in a poorly-equipped car “soon”. Now fleet “soon” is worn by more than 70%, and even those cars that still serve physicians and patients do not meet the requirements and standards of today. Purchasing a new car abroad often ends up that they can not serve technically. Therefore, a complete renewal of our fleet of medical transport is “soon” gathered at the factory specialized equipment research and production association “Practika”, where quality control is carried out at each stage of production, and each item has a warranty and service products – is the best option for Ukraine . Aiming to create a vehicle with high quality materials and components, developing custom design each vehicle, Scientific and Production Association “Practika” has established production of a brand new lineup of ambulances types B and C on the basis of Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, Citroen, Renault, to maximize the reliability, functionality and ease of maintenance of the park “soon”. In addition, at the present time is not yet ensured the implementation of activities of the State Target Program on the organization of emergency medical care in Ukraine during the finals of the 2012 European Cup.