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In 2013, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine purchased in 1412 ambulances of different types (A, B, C), totaling 921.4 million hryvnia. In particular, this C-type vehicle 143 (ambulance) 1063 machine emergency medical services type B (which can be carried out intensive treatment) and 206 units of type A vehicle (for line therapy, i.e. delivery of the patient to a hospital that does not require intensive care assistance on the way).
Before the massive supply samples of all classes of vehicles were examined for compliance with specifications. Thus, there was a massive update medical fleet during the existence of independent Ukraine.


According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, all these ambulances were to be distributed between the different regions of the state. However, due to the illegal annexation of the Crimea, cars, designed to serve the region, according to a government decision were distributed among other regions and medical services law enforcement agencies.
– Ministry of Health of Ukraine gives modern ambulances law enforcement agencies to ensure that the military was as little as possible victims. These cars will improve the quality of medical care and allow victims to provide immediate, emergency medical care even on the battlefield. I also want to thank all the agencies, all the fighters for what execute civic duty, they remain faithful to the oath and defend our homeland from the enemy, who dared to encroach upon our Ukraine. Low bow to you for it, said the Minister of Health of Ukraine Oleg Musii.
In turn, the head of the Health Administration of the State Border Service, Major-General of Medical Service ValentinVolokha expressed his sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine not only handed border agencies ambulanceand ambulance class, but also for operational cooperation with civilian health institutions, which helped to save the lives of many wounded on the front guards.
– Car «Peugeot Boxer» – this is an ambulance fully loaded, it can serve as a dressing room, and even as a small operating room with modern European equipment. A car “Gazelle” works more like a transporter of wounded from the battlefield. Andit’s really expensive gift for our agency – said Major-General of Medical Service Valentin Volokha.
Ambulance car designed and remodeled in such a way to allow for easy transport of patients, medical staff work, as well as their comfort and safety. Salon has a modern air conditioning system, heating and lighting, reliable heat, vibration, noise insulation, decorated fiberglass panels that do not absorb odors, resistant to disinfectants and natural factors that are lightweight and provide an opportunity to safely and conveniently secure medical equipment. In addition, the cabinambulance installed partition between the cab and medical cabin, communication devices and equipment.
Unlike conventional ambulances, ambulance equipped with all the necessary preparations and modern equipment, thanks to which the emergency team may pursue a course of intensive therapy. Transportation reanimobile carried out byemergency evacuation from the battlefield, as well as in case of other emergencies. Unlike the old ambulances, a newambulance high roof. This allows the physician to provide medical care to the patient standing.
In addition, the celebration was presented to the public at large armored version of the car «Land Rover Defender». Hetuned in a joint project with STSU private joint stock company RPAPractika” and is so far the only instance.


When there was a need to protect the Ukrainian border guards from enemy fire, our company has offered its services for booking cars existing State Border Service. Therefore, this «Land Rover Defender» so far the first and only such a car. If there is a need for a booking of such machines as KrAZ, VAZ, UAZ, or any other we will do it. Today, the Army Europe and some Asian countries goes only in armored vehicles even use armored tractors and excavators, – said the director of theRPAPractika” Oleg Vysotsky.
Read more about the technical qualities of armored «Land Rover Defender» Deputy Director of the Department – Head ofengineering and technical support of the Department of Logistics ADPS Major General Victor Crivoi.
Reservation includes the protection of personnel, namely the driver and passengers. Floor, doors, side windows and windshield and roof of the car – armored. In the luggage compartment has a special hatch that allows, if necessary, performone of the crew to evacuate. Fire on the enemy can be carried inside the vehicle through specially equipped for this purpose in the windows of the loopholes. In this case, the gases that are released during the shooting will be automaticallypumped out of the cabin ventilation and air-conditioning. This booking class increased the total weight of the car by 550 kg.
Also during the event by the same company “Practika” was presented to a promising multi-purpose armored vehicleKozak”, which is the latest model of domestic production to combat and technical characteristics of the current level.


 Kozak” we have developed ourselves for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in 2009. However, prior to the recent tragic events in the east of the country did not have a significant interest in such carsKozak” is an analogue «Hummer». In a combat situation this bronemobil can serve as support troops, cargo, and perform tasks ambulance car communication orstaff. This versatile vehicle, said the representative of the RPAPractika”.

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Number 25, 4 July 2014