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Armored vehicles SPA experts “Practikawas prepared on the basis of truck GAZ-66, ZIL-131 and domestic KrAZ. On the chassis GAZ-66 was manufactured medical evacuation vehicle. Depending on the need for the machine can be transportedfrom 4 to 8 seriously injured lightly wounded soldiers . The car is equipped area for medical care, gas system, the minimum required number of medical devices, among them – a defibrillator, “- said in a statement.


According to the representative of the SPA “The PractikaSergei Vilkov, the main task of this machine – removal from the battlefield wounded soldiers and their delivery to the field hospital. Armor-plated car has such a degree that guarantees the safety of the shot from a Kalashnikov in the face. The bottom of the capsule” the cab to transport the wounded – alsoarmored, which protects military personnel from the effects of an explosion under the vehicle. All vital components and assemblies of the car – the driver’s cab, battery, fuel tanks and receivers – are also protected by armor.
On the basis of two national experts SPAs KrAZ produced cars for transportation of troops. Each of the cars can carry 23fighters and safely bring them to the place of execution of combat missions. Trucks have a class of armor that helps protectsoldiers from bullets of 7.62 mm and fragments.
The product range of SPA`s “The Practikapresented mobile operating field, protected by armor.

Yatsenyuk, who visited the production capacities of NGOs “The Practiceand noted that the zone will go ATO equipment, some of which ordered the National Guard and paid from the state budget, another part paid by Ukrainian MPs.