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Today, October 7, 2014, on the ground National Guard in Novy Petrivtsi the transfer of technology National Guard`s partsthat are going to the area ATO and check their readiness for winter. Before the Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Lieutenant General Stephen Poltorak climbed into the armored car manufacturing RPA “Practika”, which fired on the run to verify the quality of armor.


In addition to the commander of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Stepan Poltorak, at an event attended by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Among the cars that will protect our soldiers in the area ATO showedKrAZ vehicles, two of which have booked  RPA “Practika”. Products of  RPA “Practika” trust. Stepan Poltorak after the testfiring of an empty car he sat behind the wheel of KrAZ to check the behavior of the car on the move during the shelling.Commander of the National Guard of this said Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Arsen Avakov: “I am this morning your car has traveled. The driver was on my shot. “In response to the question head of RPA “Practika” Oleg Vysotsky “How?” The head ofthe National Guard under predictable response: “Alive”.

Oleg Vysotsky Arseniy Yatsenyuk showed pictures of one of the KrAZ of RPA “Practika”, shelled separatists in the ATO.Reservations saved the lives of soldiers: no one was hurt.


In the presence of Yatseniuk and Avakova soldiers of the National Guard conducted a test firing KRAZ armored machine guns, machine guns and sniper. After the shelling, everyone could see that small arms are not able to penetrate thebooking module. Bullet left on the armor only small dents and broken, only the first layer of glass viewing window. OlegVysotsky said that if necessary, you can even further enhance the armor: load capacity allows.


During the event, Yatsenyuk see samples of winter forms for employees of the Ministry of Interior, patrol officers and soldiersserving to perform the tasks in the area of anti-terrorist operation. He told reporters that the whole winter kit from socks andwarm up form” is worth up to 5,000 hryvnia. All winter clothing is planned to provide 37,250 soldiers of the National Guarduntil October 10. Ministers also examined the equipment needed for the winter period, in particular furnace stoves, field kitchens, chainsaws, diesel generators.


In addition, Yatsenyuk checked the contents of dry rations for the soldiers and the National Guard tried it. According to him,the cost of such suhpayka, powered one soldier a day – from 56 to 62 UAH.