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TransporterAccording to the resolution of National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), dated July 10th 2009, it is mandatory that armored encashment vehicles be introduced to the fleet of vehicles of all Ukrainian commercial bank within the next five years.

The countdown has started on January 1st and many banks have started to explore the matter.

Up to this point the armored vehicle based on chassis of Volkswagen Transporter T5 wagon has been the most popular encashment car among Ukrainian banks. These vehicles are spacious and durable, but rather expensive. Four wheel drive pick-up trucks with a two-row cabin may become an adequate alternative choice to the Transporter. Such trucks would be equipped with an armored booth in place of trunk while the second sitting row would be for armed escort.

We were told by a company from Kiev, called “Praktika”, which specializes in armored vehicles production (we have previously told about an armored vehicle “Kozak” made by this company) that an armored vehicle based on apick-up truck would cost just a little more expensive that a regular non-armored Volskwagen Transporter.
Toyota2 Toyota1

These are two versions of armored Toyota HiLux encashment vehicle based on a pick-up truck. Pick-up trucks Mitsubishi L200 could be modified into armored encashment vehicles the same way.

Moreover, armoring specialists from Kiev already have an experience of making such vehicles. Armored vehicles based on Toyota HiLux pickup trucks are being produced by Praktika Company for several years, but are mostly sold to foreign buyers.

Less expensive pick-up trucks, such as Mitsubishi L200 and Tata Xenon are offered to domestic banks. Importer of the Indian trucks is just planning to import the first 10 to 20 vehicles this year, while Mitsubishi L200 is a firm leader at the Ukrainian market of pick-up trucks.

It looks like “Praktika” has succeeded in promotion of its armored encashment vehicles. The company has already received several orders from commercial banks for an armored L200.