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During the month, a number of Ukrainian media has been sanctified by the issues of implementation of state programs forthe regions of Ukraine with new ambulances. We believe that the purchase of new ambulances a very important questionand a very positive achievement of Ukraine, therefore welcome the public’s attention to this subject. But just as we have to admit the fact that against the company  “Practika” was launched an information campaign to discredit. Note that for more than 20 years experience in the Ukrainian and international markets, we have learned the main principle responsibility to our customers. We value our reputation and our customer, so it’s always been and remain transparent and open to the public.

Recall that since participation in a government program to provide health facilities with new ambulances, we conducted a series of public information events. Including 28 March 2014 in the  RPA “Practika” held a press conference, during whichthe company’s management has provided a detailed report on the implementation of the state order for the media and the public. The press conference was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health.

Note that the  RPA “Practika” has fulfilled the state order in the shortest possible time to Ukrainian hospital as soon as possible receive appropriate vehicles.

One of the issues that were raised during the press conference was the situation with the lack of documents for 245 cars of mark «Peugeot Boxer», which until now we have not received the official car dealer company “Vidi Avenue.” Since we consider the requirements of the dealer to pay 16 million hryvnia a half months later after making us all necessary prepayfor these cars is absolutely groundless, we decided to go to court with the appropriate claim.

We are convinced that any commercial disputes should be settled exclusively in the legal field, especially when it comes tocommercial conflict, the solution of which depends directly on the efficiency and availability of primary health care patients.Currently, served “practice” claim before the courts.

In addition, we turned to the President, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, the Prosecutor General, Ministry of Interior,Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health to investigate the situation. We emphasize that we are open andtransparent company, which has nothing to hide. And we are ready to fully cooperate with all who are sincerely ready tohelp resolve the situation.

We apologize, but also appeal to the government and the public with a request to understand the situation that has developed.

Employees “Practika” is taking all possible legal measures to ensure that would be of commercial dispute resolution does not depend, in every sense of the word, people’s lives. Our guilt is not here. And we are confident that the court will determine who actually wanted to make ambulances for Ukrainians.

In addition, we once again declare that the company Vidi Avenue” is obliged to immediately hand over documents to the245 ambulances to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, in turn, had the opportunity to convey their regions, because at stake isthe health of tens of thousands of Ukrainians.