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The company «Practika» participated in the exhibition «Made in Kiev»


May 25 in the capital’s exhibition center “Expoplaza” an exhibition “Made in Kiev”, dedicated to the Day of Kyiv.

“Practika” was presented at the stand of “League of Defense Companies of Ukraine» outdoors directly in front of the pavilion. “Practika” offered the visitors their military vehicles “Kozak-2” and “Kozak-2.M.2.”

The grand opening was held with the participation of Prime Minister of Ukraine – Vladimir Groisman, and the mayor – Vitali Klitschko. Note: premier`s vehicle stopped just before exposure «League», where a meeting between the two officials.


Speaking to visitors and exhibitors, Mr. Groisman said that Ukraine has proven its ability to produce quality products and provide full support for their needs. “We 45,000,000th country, we will not meet the needs through imports, and by its own production. And I was pleased when I talk to entrepreneurs, and they are talking about 20-30-50 percent increase in production and capacity expansion, “- said the Prime Minister.

According to him, the main task of government – to create a normal climate, “so officials were pressing no business”: “We must deregulate some absurd rules of law that they are not held back economic development. We develop industrial potential. Because the economy will build a strong Ukraine, “- said the Prime Minister and said that now in the government vertical created the necessary institutions, which should help businesses and coordinate the work of government – central and local enterprise development direction.