About company


After declaration of independence in 1991, Ukraine, as well as other post-Soviet countries, was facing a serious economic crisis, resulting from the collapse of the Soviet command economy. At the same time, a great number of private enterprises were set up in the territory of the young independent state, which succeeded in launching high-quality, competitive domestic production. Scientific and Production Association “Practika” was one of them. It is the company that for over 20 years has been holding leadership positions among security appliances producers. Company’s success would not have been possible without its specialists, who not only manage to implement complex technical solutions efficiently but also are the first to develop them in Ukraine. Company’s activities began with the production of banking equipment: safes, security doors, currency exchange offices, bank vaults, server rooms, entrance rooms, cashier’s offices, cash operating units – all these being the company’s first steps. Being a true leader, “Practika” decided to expand its production capacities, and after 5 years of its foundation, the company launched manufacturing of armoured vehicles, first CIT vehicles and then VIP cars. Winning the tender on supplying over 1,000 units of emergency medical vehicles as a part of a government program of medical vehicles procurement proved to be another challenge to company’s specialists. Scaling production of medical vehicles to 15 units per day was an unprecedented volume not only in Ukraine, but also in the world. With such production potential and capacities, “Practika” could not remain uninvolved, when a war broke out in Ukraine. The task has been clearly set to the company’s specialists: to refocus quickly and efficiently on military production. As a result, only a few months later “Practika” presented a product range able to meet the needs of the Ukrainian army.


Company «PRACTIKA» has been created as a research-and-production association in Kiev in 1993. From the moment of occurrence company occupies leading position in Ukraine in developing of technical decisions and production of goods of safety.

Productive activity of the company started with production of the bank equipment: bank safes, protective doors, currency exchange items, bank vaults, server rooms, source groups, cash halls, armour glass etc. For sixteen years of work, company has proved itself as the highly professional manufacturer of means of technical strengthening for banks and equipped almost all banking offices both Ukrainian, and foreign banks, including all branches and offices of the National bank of Ukraine. The company has an experience of export of the bank equipment abroad.


1998 «Practika» has started production of armour vehicles. The first one was armoured collector vehicles (minibuses, cargo, people carriage cars), and further armoured cars of the VIP-CLASS, military armoured vehicles. For the period of work company has armoured more than 400 cars of 30 various models.

During re-equipment process the best certificated materials of world leaders are used only.


In 2002 the company has finished introduction of the international system of quality according to specifications ISO 9001:2000 that guarantees a high grade of manufactured production.

All equipment produced by the company undergoes obligatory certification. The company has necessary licences and certificates.

Experts of the company have necessary knowledge and experience to carry out the qualified examination of any item, deterioration degree, and also real level of protection according to the Ukrainian and European standards.


In 2003 company «PRACTIKA» has begun production of fire-protection equipment. Today company offers the fire-prevention equipment in a complex: fire-prevention doors, gate, curtains, glass cover, valves, hatches to Customers.


Company «PRACTIKA» participated in building of storehouse of a radioactive waste at Chernobyl nuclear power station. For this purpose the special antiradiation equipment (antiradiation doors, valves, gates) has been developed, made and mounted.


In 2009 company has started work at the market of West Africa countries – the representation office has been opened In Abuja (Nigeria).

At the present moment office in Kiev (15 Metallistov str.,) and completely equipped factory (20А Malinskay str.,) of the area 7000 sq. m. are working successfully. The factory is equipped with all necessary equipment to perform complete cycle of production and quality control of works at its each stage.

Engineering bureau of «PRACTIKA» company disposes the big staff of designers of high competence – experts in different branches of technical knowledge. In connection with a permanent cooperation with state structures the enterprise has the First department on work with the information containing the state secret. The company has own testing laboratory for realisation of regular preliminary production tests of samples of all production made. The basic criterion of work of company «PRACTIKA» is the maximum satisfaction of requests of the Customer. Thanks to experience, professionalism of our employees and high quality of works made «PRACTIKA» now is a leading enterprise in Ukraine in sphere of safety and has gained trust not only of domestic clients, but also of customers from such countries as: the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Nigeria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, etc.


Production activity of the company has five basic directions:

  • Armoured vehicles(cars of VIP class; cars cash – in – transit; cars for people carriage, military armoured vehicles)
  • The Bank equipment (storehouses of values; doors; safes; cases archival; the equipment for depositaries; means of technical protection of the information; servers, currency exchange items; cash cabins; protection platforms-sluices)
  • The Fire-prevention equipment(doors; gates; a curtain; a glazed partition; the hatch; the valve)
  • The Equipment for nuclear stations (hatches; gates)
  • Security glazing

2017 year

March 21, 2017, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak signed an order number 158 on the acceptance for use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine of an armored car «Kozak-2»

Today about 100 «Kozak-2» vehicles are released.